NOF - International Olympiads

It's about earning the hopes of millions who haven't been able to know the building blocks of languages. NOF is taking the thumb prints of society to imprint the signatures of an individual name. NOF continues to pile up the story of many. Those children whose circumstances forced them to earn before their age of adolescence, smiled with us and studied with us. The smiles we see while shaping pencils in novice hands, make us feel the sharpness of their turns of life.

Every year we are supporting thousands of children in need in their education, uniforms, books, stationary and mid day meal.

We are proud to share that millions of students from thousands of schools across 10 countries are supporting us in this cause by participating in our international Olympiads. The Lilliputians raised the level of education by being a cause to dedicate education to the needy ones. In this exam, every student acted as a brand ambassador for us as they were behind the glory of raising education level in the country.

NOF has launched Project Prarambha to educate 25000 underprivileged students.

A Philanthropic Educational Endeavor